Turbulence Cascades

2–4 December 2015

Lille, France



There have been a number of developments relating to turbulent cascades in various 3D flows over the past 10 years or so, including wall turbulence, boundary-free turbulent shear flows, stratified and/or rotating turbulence, periodic Navier-Stokes turbulence and even truncated incompressible Euler flows. The distinction between equilibrium and non-equilibrium cascades is now becoming pertinent as both types of cascade appear to have well-defined scaling laws. The -5/3 wavenumber scaling appears in many flows even when the conditions for its prediction by Kolmogorov's theory fail. The consequences for turbulence modelling of all types, including Large Eddy Simulations, are potentially far reaching and require intensified attention.

The emphasis and focus will be on hydrodynamic turbulence, but given the ubiquity of the cascade concept in general, connections with different systems such as weak turbulence will also be explored.

The workshop is funded by EUROMECH and ERCOFTAC (SIGs 35 & 44) through the H2020 project "e-CAERO 2"